on 24 Jan 2019 3:48 PM

On 30 October 2018, the Lilongwe Principles and Guidelines on the Selection and Appointment of Judicial Officers was formally adopted by Southern African Chief Justice’s Forum (SACJF) at  the SACJF’s annual general meeting and conference, held in Lilongwe. The Principles and Guidelines were developed following a resolution at the SACJF’s 2015 annual meeting, whereby it was resolved that an ad hoc team of Judicial Service Commissions from the region work towards developing regional principles and guidelines on the selection and appointment of judges.

A working group chaired by Justice Makarau of the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe, and including Chief Justice Twomey of the Seychelles and retired Chief Justice Othman of Tanzania, developed the principles and guidelines, drawing on desktop and field work research conducted by the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit of the University of Cape Town, which looked at the judicial appointments process in the region. The principles and guidelines were also developed with reference to international instruments, but are based primarily on the particular experience and challenges of African jurisdictions.

The full principles and guidelines can be read on this website here >>>