Hon. Luke Malaba

Chief Justice of Zimbabwe

His Lordship has held letters of law for 42 year,  practiced law for 32 years and has been a registered legal practitioner for 23 years.

He has been a judicial officer for 39 years and has risen through the ranks from being a Prosecutor (1981- 1984), a Magistrate (1984-1994), a Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe (1994-2001), Judge of Appeal (2001-2008), Deputy Chief Justice (2008-2017) to being the Chief Justice of the Republic of Zimbabwe (2017 to date).

He has also been a Judge of the COMESA Court of Justice for more than a decade (2005-2016).

Under his stewardship, the courts in Zimbabwe are moving towards digitisation with the first ever live broadcast of court proceedings having been done in an electoral petition case he was presiding over with other Constitutional Court judges in the matter between Nelson Chamisa and Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and 24 others. He has a deep passion for access to justice which has seen him spearheading the establishment and decentralisation of courts as well as the development of an integrated electronic case management system (IECMS) linking all justice sector players in Zimbabwe.

Hon. Luke Malaba