In recognition and amplification of the important role that judiciaries play within the regions, the Southern African Chief Justices Forum was established in 2003 to, among other things, uphold the rule of law, democracy and independence of the courts and to promote contact as well as co-operate among the courts in the regions of its operation.


A transformed, independent, integrated and united judiciary which promotes the rule of law, fundamental human right, democracy and good governance to ensure prosperity, equality, peace and security of all citizens.

Values and Principles

The values and principles which guide and govern the functioning and operations of SACJF are:-

  • Promotion of rule of law
  • Delivery of accessible quality justice to all
  • Good governance and shared values
  • Transparency, independence, Impartiality, Integrity and accountability 
  • Promotion of a culture of human rights, freedom, tolerance and peaceful co-existence
  • Democratic good governance